Ring Road Wall

Gods & Demons on Guard Outside

More Gods & Demons  on Guard

Some Angels to Bless your dreams.

More Angels to bless your dreams 

A Shady Corner by Jog Track #2.

Was That Rock Heavy?... YES.

Snack Bar Entrance from Jog Track #2.

Jog Track #2 & Gym Exit.

Big Gym City Residential Section.

Big Gym City is SERIOUSLY well located (here shown on Google Map)


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Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand Google Location Map 2010


Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand Location Map for 2006



Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand 2010 Location Map



THAI GOVERNMENT  licensed sign, which is about 10m wide & 10m above the Udon Thani City Ring Road) .... IT IS VERY EASY TO SEE (on your left side traveling east from Carrefour/Tesco #2 .... Or on your right side traveling west from Big C/ Makro on the Udon Thani City Ring Road .... Big Gym City is about 2 kilometers (as the crow flies) south of the Udon Thani International Airport.



BIG GYM CITY WORKERS TAKE A BREAK (named Blue, Red & Yellow [they are brothers & sisters]) .... They are actually waiting for their food [from June]....but they do not fly away!......Their job is "Fighter Pilots" (Ah! ... Don't laugh, because they can, & do catch [& eat ] mosquitos & other bugs IN FLIGHT! ) .... & thgey are absolutely as cute as a button also.



CAPTAIN HOOK ( "BAD & Mean Captain Hook") was the meanest, most bad tempered parrot you ever did meet ... (& he could bite hard too)... BUT, we forgive him everything , because he very sadly got attacked by a BIG dog when he ( Captain Hook) was sat in his favourite "Ton Kawy" tree snoozing ... (We do actually miss him, terribly).