Good Abs, BUT please do NOT take those off.


Workout with a friend  ( preferably in red shorts) & have more fun.


Strong (check that dumbell) & slim (& beautiful.)


Good "Street Cred" abs ( Movie Star?)


This is what  guys dream about, right?


Super definition, great biceps & pecs(movie star physique)


This is why world claas  sprinters are mostly black.

It WILL take 1-3 years to look like this

A "Training Partner" is good for safety too.

Sleek as a lioness (& VERY sexy too)

 This is SERIOUS street cred & very "Cool" too!


WHAT, can you say?. "Absolutely  Beautiful Figure"

"Sports Star" stuus like this requires HARD workouts.


(one of many) on duty outside the ornate walls of Big Gym City  (thank you very much) .... assisting each of us in our variously modest efforts to take care of our personal physical assets such as were allocated to every one of us according to genetic heritage & the fortunes of life .... Let us therefore make the very best of what we have like these fine & dedicated examples of humanity pictured below (all that is except Mr "X" who looks like he could try a bit harder!)

 ทางจิตวิญญาณผู้ปกครอง(หนึ่งในหลาย)ปฏิบัติหน้าที่อยู่นอกกำแพงที่หรูหราของเมืองใหญ่โรงยิม(ขอบคุณมาก).... ความช่วยเหลือของเราในแต่ละต่างๆของเราไม่มากนักแต่ความพยายามที่จะดูแลของส่วนตัวของเราทาง กายภาพ ที่สินทรัพย์เช่นว่านั้นจะจัดสรรทุกหนึ่งของเรามรดกตามทางพันธุกรรมและการทำนายโชคชะตาของชีวิต... ปล่อยให้เราจึงทำให้ดีที่สุดของสิ่งที่เรามีเหมือนอย่างนี้ปรับและได้อุทิศตัวอย่างข้างล่างนี้นึก ภาพ ของความเป็นมนุษย์(ทั้งหมดที่มีเว้นแต่นาย" X "ที่ดูเหมือนเขาจะลองหน่อยหนึ่งฮาร์เดอร์เขานั่นแหละ 


Olympic Gold for Thailand
Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatara of Thailand wins the gold medal for the women's 53kg group A weightlifting event held at the Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Gymnasium during day 2 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on the 10th August 2008 in Beijing, China .... VERY WELL DONE  & all Thailand (even we expats) are proud of you.

  สำหรับประเทศไทยกีฬาโอลิมปิกทองคำprapawadee jaroenrattanatara ของไทยชนะการเหรียญทองคำของผู้หญิงสำหรับกลุ่ม 53kg weightlifting เป็นเหตุการณ์ซึ่งจัดขึ้นที่กรุงปักกิ่งในมหาวิทยาลัยและ astronautics ชำนาญของโรงเรียนเตรียมเข้ามหาวิทยาลัยในช่วงวันที่ 2 ของปักกิ่ง 2008 กีฬาโอลิมปิคในวันที่ 10 สิงหาคม 2008 ในปักกิ่งว่าจีน... ทำได้ดีมากมากและทุกประเทศไทย(เราจะเดี่ยว)มีความ ภาคภูมิใจ ของคุณ.

Thailand wins Gold
 @ 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou (26/11/10)

The Thai Ladies Relay Team (Neeranuch KlomdeeLaphassaporn Tawoncharoen, , Nongnuch Sanrat & Phatsom Jaksuninkorn) are totally overjoyed (& very rightly so) when they win GOLD in the women's 4 x 100m relay final of the athletics competition at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou …. WHAT A PROUD MOMENT FOR THAILAND …. Absolutely SUPER job Ladies VERY WELL DONE from Big Gym City, Udon Thani

ประเทศไทยชนะทอง@ 16 th เอเชียนเกมส์กวางเจา( 26/11/10 )การถ่ายทอด สุภาพสตรี ทีมไทย( neeranuch klomdeelaphassaporn tawoncharoen ,, nongnuch sanrat และ phatsom jaksuninkorn )เป็นจำนวนมาก(&ปลื้มใจผิดดังนั้น)เมื่อพวกเขาชนะทองคำของผู้หญิงใน 4 x 100m ทอดสุดท้ายของการแข่งขันกีฬาที่ 16 th เอเชียนเกมส์ในกวางเจา... สิ่งที่เป็นความ ภาคภูมิใจ อยู่ครู่หนึ่งสำหรับประเทศไทย... สมบูรณาญาสิทธิราชซูเปอร์วิดีมากงานสตรีทั้งสองทำได้ดีมากจากโรงยิมใหญ่เมืองอุดรธานี

Age is NO limit on your body's need for exercise. Do it! .... Big Gym City has customers who are 70+ & jog around like teenagers & some "pensioners"bench press their body weight!


Laura Lester (beautiful & very sexy fitness model)

YOUNG LADIES,  do you want to be a TOP MODEL or a MOVIE STAR?... Almost anyone with good genetics can .... BUT you MUST workout MANY hours almost EVERY week to get to & maintain status. ( The beautiful lady above Laura Lester I believe [nice to meet you Laura]  has the equivelent of a "Masters Degree" in Body Sculpture. Wow!) .... BUT, it requires serious work & dedication, including strict attention to diet & nutritional content, posture control until it becomes natural, almost total abandonment of all "recreational" drugs, research & study of body sculpture techniques & remedial ( both cardio & muscle building) exercise proceedures.


Satoshi Ishii, a Judoka and MMA fighter from Japan is one very tough cookie  He won a Silver Medal in the 2006 Asian Games, and in 2008 he brought home an Olympic Gold Medal from the Beijing Olympics. Since then he has jumped to MMA as a professional.At the Judo World Championships in Tokyo Ishii announced that he is going to try for yet  another Olympic medal in 2016, BUT he just might be representing the USA by that time .... Big Gym City would like to compliment Satoshi on his successes & obvious DEDICATION.

 Satoshi Ishii、日本からのJudokaおよびMMAの戦闘機は彼が2006のアジア競技大会の銀メダルを獲得した、2008年に彼は北京のオリンピックからのオリンピック金メダルを家に持って来た1つの非常に堅いクッキーであり。 それ以来彼は専門家としてMMAに跳んでしまった。東京の柔道の世界選手権でIshiiは彼が2016年に更に別のオリンピックメダルのために試みようとしている彼はちょうど….米国をその頃までには表すかもしれないことを発表した 大きい体操都市は彼の成功及び明らかな献呈のSatoshiをほめることを望む。


Michiko Nishiwaki born on  21/11/57 in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan .... Michiko is a seriously multi-talented lady. (& although now believed to be semi retired was formally an actress, martial artist, fitness trainer, stunt woman, fight choreographer, and Japan's first Woman's bodybuilding and power lifting champion) .... which titles she held  for 3 consecutive years (while still retaining her femininity & not bulking up with steroids or other drugs) .... Michiko originally started out in gymnastics  .... & it was reported that because of these gymnastics she perceived that her legs were proportionally larger than the rest of her torso & she therefore turned to weight lifting to try to balance her figure (a clearly outstanding success) .... VERY well done Michiko we are ALL proud of you.

美智子西脇は、船橋市千葉県21/11/57生まれ....美智子真剣に多才な女性です....退職正式に女優格闘家フィットネストレーナースタントの女性が戦いの振付師日本初の女性ボディービルおよびパワーリフティングのチャンピオンだったと考えられても) まだ女性らしステロイドの薬剤と交流増量しない保持したままタイトルを、彼女3年連続で開催された....美智子もともと体操始まった.... それ、これらの体操のために、彼女彼女の足はそれに比例し、彼女の胴体彼女それゆえに自分の姿明確にした成功例のバランスしようと持ち上げる重量になったの残りの部分よりも大きくなったことを知ったことが報告されて....非常に私たちすべてはあなた誇りに思っている美智子を手掛けている。

WORKOUT PRICE LIST: Register with 2 passport size photos=B100, Workout 1 day (8am-8pm) .... "You can come in am & pm no extra fee", Workout 4 days in a row= 5th day free, 1 Month Rate= B915 (save 40%), 3 Month Rate= B2,280 (save 50%), 6 Month Rate B3,650 (save 69%), 1 Year Rate= B5,475 (save 70%) .... "I'll take that one!"


Min Yung Kim Fitness Model from South Korea (great lower back alignment if I may say Min) .... Obviously a serious & dedicated athlete, absolutely guaranteed to have acheived her present beautiful & artistic status because of hard workouts & a responsible lifestyle .... What can we say except VERY well done Min Yung.

한국 (위대한 허리 정렬 단언할 수있다면)에서 피트니스 모델 .... 분명히 심각한& 전용 선수 절대적으로 힘든 연습 책임 라이프 스타일로 인해 그녀의 아름다운 선물 &예술적인 지위 획득하도록 보장 .... 우리 일을 아주 제외하고 무엇 말할 수 있는다


Super Black Male Workout Star .... Sorry we don't know this gentleman's name BUT we can see that he is an OUTSTANDING athlete & we feature him on this page because of the VERY VERY seriouis dumbells he is "shrugging"  .... I hope this is is a clear message to some of  my very valued Big Gym City customers (young men usually) who come in to register saying they want to look like Arnold in two weeks! ... WEEEELL OK, no problem, but it may take a bit longer than 2 weeks, & IT IS NO GOOD PLAYING WITH WIMPY 2 KILOGRAM DUMBELLS .... You have to workout with SERIOUS weights (after warming up) ... So, what do I see next time the same valued customer comes in?... It's the same 6 foot lad doing curls with 2.5 kilogram ladies plastic  dumbells!!! ... "Good afternoon Sir"


Mi Hee Yu (beautiful Korean bodybuilder [& a mother too we are told]) .... Now check out Mi's dumbbells (let's guess it at 12k/each) .... My God Mi, you almost have my own Dumbbell Curl weights there .... OK, so no point in being jealous... Mi is quite obviously a VERY serious workout specialist (& if we may say so quite beautiful too) .... So, what can we learn here? .... We learn that if you realy want something THEN JUST GO FOR IT WITH MAXIMUM EFFORT & you will almost certainly get there.... Thank You Mi for that lesson.

(아름다운 한국어 영양이있는 음식물 [& 너무 우리 얘기하는 어머니])를 .... 이제 (하자 12k/each에서 그것을 추측) 아령 확인 .... 세상에 , 당신 거의 다 덤벨 무게 .... 질투 같은 건 좋아, 그럼 소용 ... 랜달은 아주 분명 매우 심각한 운동 전문가 (& 우리 아름다운 단언할 수있다면)입니다 .... 그럼, 우리가 여기서 배울 수 있습니까? .... 우리 당신 정말로 그럼 그냥 뛰어위한 최대의 노력 함께 당신 거의 확실하게 도착이 될만한 것을 원한다 배울 .... 수업에 대한 주셔서 감사합니다.



1.) IRON GRIP MACHINES .... Workout on our special grip machines for powerful fingers & hands ( YES Ladies this will help you too).

 2.) ARM WRESLING MACHINES .... Train to win  on Big Gym City's unique arm wrestling machines.

3.) FLABBY WAIST? Strengthen your OBLIQUES  ( love Handle territory) on the only known specialist machines ANYWHERE

4.) MARTIAL ARTISTS, use the only known  LATERAL STRETCH machines in Thailand.

5.) LADIES, use our ball bearing pivoting LATERAL TWIST  machines to get that beautiful  waist.

6.) HARD GUYS from the military, check out our OVERHEAD MILITARY ASSAUT FRAME (wear safety gear) Also CLIMBING ROPES ( can you [guys] climb them with your hands ONLY? (a mathematically [& scienyificaly] proven body weight to strength criteria factor. 



 Weights Section #2 of 6 @ Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand .... Unfortunately many gyms & fitness clubs etc do not like to provide weights, barbells, plates (& even dumbells sometimes) because of injury, theft or misplacement worries ... BUT at Big Gym City we know that "prifessionals" of both sexes (& ALL ages [including Grandad]) NEED such "tools"  for multiple specific exercises (& yes we do have two heavy duty Smith Machines too [one on the ground floor & one on the first floor]).... We also provide 5 foot, 7 foot, Olympic & one inch bars & also Straight, Bicep Curl & French Curl Bars .... & we design & build many of our muscle group specific exercise machines ourselves, Oh Yeah!


Mi-Hee Yu  .... began her career as an aerobics instructor at age 20, but after giving birth to 2 children (when she weighed 80 kg after the birth of her last daughter 12 years ago) she decided to become a bodybuilder ...  BUT choosing to be a bodybuilder in Korea is not so easy for a lady because the Korean public still thinks a female bodybuilder’s physique is undesirable!!! .... But Mi-Hee obviously has a brave & determined heart (& spirit) because she is now  51 kg (at 157 cm tall) & we at Big Gym City think she is absolutely beautiful (great thigh definition if we may say so) .... Super job Mi-Hee.

.... 하지만, 20 세에서 에어로빅 강사 그녀의 경력 시작한 그녀 영양이있는 음식물되기로 결심 어린이 2 (그녀 12 년 전 그녀의 마지막 딸의 출산 80kg의 거구 경우)를 낳으 ... 한국의 대중 여전히 여성의 영양이있는 음식물 체격 바람직하지 생각 때문에 한국 영양이있는 음식물 선택하지만 이렇게 숙녀가 쉽지 않다! .... 그녀 (157cm 높이에서) 지금 51kg이기 때문에 그러나 분명히 용감한 & 결정된 마음 (& 정신) 우리는 체육관 그녀 절대적으로 아름다운 (우리 단언할 수있다면 좋은 허벅지 정의)라고 생각 .. .. 슈퍼 직업 .

PENSIONERS @ Big Gym City PUMPING SERIOUS IRON (& we have Ladies too [No Excuses]) .... Example: Checkout Michael 76 years old & "Fit as a Fiddle" Why, because he works out DAILY (about 3 times a week at Big Gym City)


SPECIAL WEIGHTS FOR SPECIAL PROBLEMS are available at Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand .... Yes, you do need special weight configurations such as "Grandpa X" is using here (now don't laygh until you try it) to demonstrate one of a set of special exercises to remedy elbow pain (which he does NOT have [because he fixed it] .... see the "Fix Elbow Pain" page on this site)


.. & now to finish this page, a far less talented workout enthusiast ... A certain  Mr "X"

1968 (23years )    MR "X"   2010 ( 65 years)


(The owner of Big Gym City has  known Mr X  personally for many years, & can guarantee that he (Mr X ) has had quite a hard life (at sea in far far places with almost no $), & many "accidents" in far countries (like Nigeria, Timor, Caribbean, Australia, New Guinea,Tahiti, Panama, Brazil, S.Africa etc [over 50 countries]), plus poor nutrition, hygiene & sleep patterns for long periods. BUT hard exercise (& strict recovery plans after hardship) have still preseved this man quite well over 50 years (so far).



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