BIG PIPES are going under the road (September 2010) opposite Big Gym City (the ONLY connecting road between Tesco#2 & Carrefour superstore groups & Big C & Makro superstore groups .... "OK Guys, just WHAT do you think you're doing??? .... Whoops! Errr, Thai Government land is it? ...OK, OK, No Ploblem Guys , carry on." 



TESCO SUPERSTORE (called Tesco Lotus in Thailand ) August 2010 & this is #3 location of this one MEGA LARGE international company [actually the 4th biggest in the world we are told] to open in Udon Thani (this one is IN the city center) .... So why is this obviously very clever economic commercial super power pouring investment into Udon Thani ?.... Os there something they know that we don't? ... (The Tesco Guards actually stopped June taking photos ... but too late she had already taken this one)


ANOTHER NEW SUPERSTORE IN UDON THANI (July 2010) .... Oh God! not another one ... Yes, sorry they are cropping up like weeds (or jewels) in your garden ... & who, who, is spending hundreds & hundreds of millions of Thai Baht on all these developments??? ... & these are BIG stores (like Tesco & Carrefour etc) .... OK, noooo problem, bring it on!



*MAINS GOVERNMENT WATER ARRIVES AT BIG GYM CITY (June2010) ....(& all along the Udon Thani City Ring Road between rhe superstore complexes which bracket BGC..... Actually Big Gym City does not need the Government supply as it has both a good well supply & extensive roof catchment storage tankage, BUT it is a good insurance policy & thus VERY welcome..... The arrival of the City Water is a precursor of the approaching expressway status upgrade of this vital stretch of the Udon Thani Ring Road  (which will pass directly in front BGC) being the ONLY connecting road between 2 groups of massive superstores. GM June was told by the Thai government engineers that the money for the expressway upgrade is now in hand & currently being tendered for by several Bangkok companiesOh God!...Lookout for my concrete!. Ccarefull please ....Oh Yes!....Gooood job, No damage? Thank You.





*NEW IMMIGRATION OFFICE IN UDON THANI (has just opened [I went today....20/10/2009] at the Udon Thani International Airport [which is only 2 kilometers as the crow flys from Big Gym Ciuty....but 5 kilometers around the City Ring Road.... It is locared in the old Airport Terminal just past the new International Terminal & was kindly brought to may attention by Simon ....see "who works out at Big Gym City Page.... I was told by an "inside source" that the new office is to replce the long established Nong Khai office sometime next month.)




THE NEW UDON THANI IMMIGRATION OFFICE (not fully operational yet but now only 2 kilometers from Big Gym City .... Hey, I'll probably go there & just hang out for fun! .... Actually the officers were very helpful to all ... Thanks Guys )


LAND PRICES IN UDON THANI are logically relevant to location.... in that new superstore sites [such as Tesco"2 & Carrfour"1 on the Udon Thani City Ring Road] are reported to have been purchased in late 2008 for B4,000,000/Rai [Thai unit of land size=1,600 sq m]... BUT sites in the center of Udon Thani such as this shopping mall complex are selling NOW for staggering figures ... upto & above B30,000,000/Rai )... This is further backed up by a visit last month [September] by a well dressed Thai Lady Land Owner who asked General Manager June Jumpaburi to offer her half Rai [no buildings] in the city center for a sum in this range, & she left a copy of the Freehold Title Deed to prove her ownership!....WOW!