These are the exercises that in the experience of this gym  owner almost always fix strain, sprain, repetitive syndrome stress & other non specific  miscellaneous knee joint pains & ailments faster, more permanently & at  a very minimum cost.

        The exercises ALL build up strength in the muscles & ligaments  attached to & around the knee joint, thus  supporting & aligning the bone positions.... Do as many of the exercises (6) as you can.... No.1 can be done at home, for the other 5 you may need  to visit a specialist (or well equipped) gym (like Big Gym City).

        You should try to do  to all 6 exercises [No.1 every day & the other 5 on alternate days].... As a general rule do  3 sets of 10-20 reps each exercise. ALWAYS WARM UP with a light (50% of max.) weight frrst set, then gradually (over weeks & months) build up the actual weights used.... Stretch all muscles used when you finish your routine.(& during also if you have the time & dedication.)....

 EXERCISE & JOINT PAIN: If you feel pain during the exercises , reduce the weight & try again.... STRETCHING & WARM-UPS ALWAYS SEEM TO HELP .... There are 2 good martial arts & yoga stretch plans exampled FREE on The Art of Shen Ku website link [top right]  The plans are on "The Martial Artist" pages 3 & 4).... (for the full sets you would have to buy the book as it is copyright protected.) .... If you use Position No.1 on free exampled  "The Martial Artist" page 4 [233] be sure to attempt to keep your low back STRAIGHT during the stretcch, (particularly if your have low back problems already, the Yoga position "Forward Stretch" on page 3 [214] is a safer version followed by "The Bow" on the same page to balance the spinal alignment).... ENJOY.

PLEASE NOTE that Squats, Leg Presses & Hack Squats exercises & machines are not recommended in a knee recovery phase (I have seen Grandad doing some quite heavy squats, which is okay IF your body will handle it.).... Pay attention to what your body tells you, BUT insist on training it (your body) to grow stronger ....YOU are the Boss, but it requires some will power. 







FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No.1c) SQUAT JUMPS:(Obviously this VERY low impact, low load essentially aerobic/cardiovascular warm-up exercise can be done at home.... It stretches & utilizes the sinews & location muscles surrounding the knee joints (not to mention a serious cardio workout.) .... Do 1 set of as amny as you can [before your formal knee joint exercises listed below.] Increase your count by 1 extra Squat Jump every week until you get to 20 -100 [according to age/fitness ] .... You do not have to do them on fingertips [like Grandad] if you don't want to [but that does stregthen the fingers at the same time]).






FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No.2b ) LYING LEG CURLS: ( a troublesome exercise to try & do at home so find yourself a gym [it's money in your body's bank, so don't be mean [you are only cheating yourself]].... OK, the leg curl may make your hamstrings [back of legs] ache, so take it easy the first couple of workouts [or you will be walking like a real cowboy from Texas]....VITAL exercise for knee recovery because these important muscles & tendons on the backs of your legs are rarely used unless you are a sprinter [like Mr Bolt from Jamaica], thus they lose strength & elasticity & therefore fail to support the knee joint correctly.... Do the usual 3 sets x 10 reps each & don't forget to warm up & stretch.






FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No.3b) LEG EXTENSIONS: (A super low load [on the knees] exercise which will give you VERY shapely[ladies] & powerful [guys] thigh muscles. Also more important, help support & align those vital knee joints [we want you sprinting down your street at 80.... "Ur, no young Johnny, that's years old not kph" .... 3 sets of 10 reps each on alternate days.... Leg Extensions & Leg Curls are a pair [don't do one without the other])



FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No. 4a) INNER THIGH (Abductor):


FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No. 4b) INNER THIGH (Abductor): (This exercise can be duplicated at home with a large soft ball between the knees [not quite as goodl as the gym machine you see picturedwhich has a wider range] ..... This is another of those muscle & tendon/sinew groups that do not often get used in everyday life BUT which are important to the strength & alignmenet of the knee joint [ SO DON'T NEGLECT IT ] & furthermore it is VERY important to uniform thigh development [footballers on £10,000/week need this muscle group which is vital when making a pass with the inside of the foot] ....Enough talk, just do it [3 sets x 10 reps each on alternate days .... & take it easy the first couple of workouts



FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No. 5a) OUTER THIGH (Adductor):


FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No. 5b) OUTER THIGH (Adductor): (This exercise is quite difficult to duplicate outside of the gym [ although you can lie on your side on the floor proped up by your lower elbow & raise your upper leg up & down .... but it's not very effective.... Therefore, get yourself down to your local gym  & do 3 serts x 10 reps on alternate days & help support your knees [money very well spent])







FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No.6c) CALF RAISES (on a STANDING CALF RAISE MACHINE)... OK all you wise guys, I know you can do these on the stairs at home [one leg is best with a weight in your free hand BUT, calf muscles need heavy weights [check out that 200kg weight stack on the machine above] ... So if you really want to work the calfs (is that calves?) .... you need to get down to the gym & do your 3 sets x 10 reps on alternate days .... I have included this machine because some guys & gals prefer it, BUT if you have knee problems then you might like to use a Seated Calf Raise Machine, [example pictured below], because it puts considerably less weight on your knee joints [about 80% less].  



FIX KNEE PAIN (exercise No.6d) CALF RAISES (on A SEATED CALF RAISE MACHINE.) ...Okay, same muscle group, different machine. Same sets & reps but lower knee stress, so use it if your gym has one [actually gives a pretty serious calf workout] out for aching calves in a day of two, but don't worry that's good, so long as you don't overload the knee joints you are trying to fix [& you'll know if you did because they'll hurt].)... Now ladies , you do know that one of the classic tests at a fashion model job interview ... The boss asks the applicant to stand with her feet together ...If the calves don't touch ..."Sorry my dear, next please!"



EXERCISES  DEMONSTRATED by Grandad (64)...."Where's your walking stick Son?")....Grandad has NO knee or any other leg joint ailments or pain now (but he used to have [from too much art & computer work at a desk with prolonged inactivity])....& not knowing how to balance remedial exercise but now he pumps some quite heavy iron inbetween desk jobs, & does not pop any steroids (yet) .... So figure that one out ....( I had  to give him the DVD "Pirates of The Caribbean"in payment for his services this time!)