LION ON GUARD (A Thai Spiritual Lion named Sing Toe) adorned with Buddhist Icons .... In Northern Thailand (where Big Gym City is located) …. There is belief in Animism which is that things (such as trees, rivers, stones & even plants [like Aoe Vera]) have living souls .... There is belief in a spiritual presense  worthy of respect & sometimes fear .... that is why you will often see the trunks of old trees encircled with an orange or red/brown cloth sashes .... Even if you doi not believe in such traditions, definately better not to laugh or scoff at such 2,500+ year old beliefs ... just remember that every sensible person  once knew the world was flat.


Granddad bins the stick & pumps HEAVY IRON @ Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand

Here at Big Gym City we have many "pensioner"members (some in their 70's) who workout with the best of the  "big boys" ( & girls) ...AGE IS NOT A PROBLEM so don't let the "do gooders" confine you to a wheelchair WAY before your time... Now git out there & kick butt!

Big Gym City has one ot the FINEST range of free weights in ALL THAILAND