Thai "Chang" (tradesmen & women) built it & I (Steve Dolby [webmaster of this site]) would like to thank some of these VERY skilled & mainly dililgent workers that I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 4-6 years.

           At times, subject to finances I have occasiobally had up to 25 employees (but usually only 3 or 4) & it is my pleasure to feature some of talented trades persons below (I had to promise them a 10 x 8 inch laminated photo to get them to pose) .... They have shown excellent skills, honesty & puntuallity, plus I hope that I can now call them friends.

          My apologies for those who are omitted (several are now working abroard on contracts) or have moved to another province.



BIG GYM CITY Welding Department Koon Jit  (Best high altitude welder in Thailand.. Dynamic energy levels & outstanding multi facet tradesman (example built the 7 meter high Big Gym City Eagle Gate ALONE.)....A Valuable Foreman.



BIG GYM CITY Carpentry Department, Koon Wai (Fast perfectionist plasterer & multi skilled tradesman [example: built all furiture in Big Gym City Exotic Snack Bar ALONE)...A Valuable Tradesman.



BIG GYM CITY Painting Department, Koon Peurn  (was a farm girl, but developed serious painting skills to a HIGH standard. Calm & relianle she can also run Big Gym City Exotic Snack Bar)...A Valuable Worker.



BIG GYM CITY Artistic Tiling Department, Koon Tong (Vastly experienced multi skill tradesman with special technical expertise in complex tiling jobs....A Valuable Tradesman.



BIG GYM CITY Artistic Construction Department Koon Som (Outstanding Artisan, lightning fast complex tiler specializing in genuine works of art such as Big Gym City Exotic Stone Living Trees)....A Valuable Artisan.



BIG GYM CITY Gardening Department Koon Wan (Energetic happy personality also versatile assistant to Tradesmen ....A Valuable Worker)



BIG GYM CITY Construction Tradesman Koon Min (Son of a top Thai Construction Foreman & already a skilled multi talented tradesman in his own right).... A Valuable Tradesman.



BIG GYM CITY  Maintenance Department. Koon Dow (Diligent & multi skilled [responible for cleanliness & order of entire western half of Big Gym City...A Valuable Worker)



BIG GYM CITY Tile Grouter Koon Noo, in constant demand by Class 1 Tradesmen for finishing work...A Valuable Worker.)



BIG GYM CITY Electrician Koon Bai (outstandinly skilled & multi-trade capable [virtually ALL building projects are within the abilities of this modest & polite tradesman .... Including building entire houses from ground zero, electrical, plastering, tiling, plumbing, drainage projects etc ...Very Talented.


BIG GYM CITY   General Manager of Big Gym City 2011 & 2012 .... New GM at Big Gym City .... Koon Thikumporn Promcomnoi from Sa-Ka, Nong Khai Province (nickname Pak) .... Koon Pak comes from a rubber tree family of some worth & attended Siam Technology University studying IT... Koon Pak is a bit of a "tough cookie" (even her boyfriend has difficuly dealing with her sometimes ... Oh God!



 Steve Dolby March 2011 (designer/builder of Big Gym City)

BIG GYM CITY ... The only modestly skilled designer/CEO of all ecotic art features, specialist exercise equipments, building modifications & upgrades, forms/notices/plans etc (& websites) 2005 - 2012.... Steve Dolby.

"Er Hello Steve, could you smile please?"

("Oh! Sorry, you caught me!... Now don't you dare publish that photo"