LION ON GUARD (A Thai Spiritual Lion named Sing Toe) adorned with Buddhist Icons .... In Northern Thailand (where Big Gym City is located) …. There is belief in Animism which is that things (such as trees, rivers, stones & even plants [like Aoe Vera]) have living souls .... There is belief in a spiritual presense  worthy of respect & sometimes fear .... that is why you will often see the trunks of old trees encircled with an orange or red/brown cloth sashes .... Even if you doi not believe in such traditions, definately better not to laugh or scoff at such 2,500+ year old beliefs ... just remember that every sensible person  once knew the world was flat.



 SOLDIERS ON GUARD (POLYALTHIA LONGIFOLIA [in Thai Asoke Trees]) guard Big Gym City against lightning strikes (yes we have lightning rods too, but the Asoke  Soldiers do a much better job (about 10% are wounded [had their tops fried by direct hits which otherwise might have hit buildings or even people )....THIS ARMY IS ALWAYS ON DUTY...A FINE ROW OF BRAVE SOLDIERS....Thank You


LIONS ON GUARD ( in Thai SING TOE) : (Not actually a lion but a Thai God & Guardian from Beyond the Grave [ Do NOT laugh..... this is serious stuff])....  This is one of many who guard against all ghosts, evil spirits, demons & any other bad things that might come to their home (in this case Big Gym City)....Also will bring final good luck. I have been told these ancient accounts by a reveered scholar of Thai history)



ANGEL OF THE EARTH ( Thai name MERE NANG TOL-AN- EE ).... Not just a beautiful face but a traditionaly reveered angel of good luck to all who stay inside "her" property (in this case Big Gym City) .... & who painted her beautifull dress in gold? ...It was peurn ( The older sister of June [General Manager])




DANGEROUS THORN PLANTS   (Thai name is MA-HA-SET-TEE):  But much  more than  a dangerous thorned plant....It does by Thai tradition guard the property it is planted on & bring good luck & "eventual money & gold".... I am told this by the esteemed scholar of Thai history. It is acually a VERY clever (& beautiful when it's lovely flowerrs come out) plant too, becuse it can exist with almost NO water for absolutely ages, BUT this semicircular white "pot" with the gold rim (painted by Peurn) is quite clever too .... tha is because it is actually a half section of heavy PVC water pipe suck into the concrete (with access vto the eart below) & secured by the gold strap at the top (take note of this design [curtesy Steve Dolby] all you exotic designers).



THE ANGEL OF BIRDS ( Thai name is KOON-GIN-LA-LEE .... Another beautiful spirit being who also brings good luck. Thais believe she will bring money & gold (& a lot of birds) to the property she resides in (there surely are a LOT of birds in Big Gym City (they nest in the Asoke Soldier Trees & June catches them & makes them her pets { I told her not to but she does love them.... see below)



3 VERY CUTE LITTLE BIRDS (they belong to June) & actually work quite hard catching mosquitos, ah!, don't laugh because they DIVE BOMB them in mid flight & no, they do not fly away!


4th DIMENSIONAL BEING ( in Thai a YAK) .... that is half animal & half human).... Yak guiards against all bad things coming to the  property it is situated in & it is traditionaly believed that Yak will bring fierce bad luck to those who come with evil in their hearts to that place ... Many Thai people are actually a bit scared of Big Gym City because ity has so many angels & demons & omens .... It has actually been called a "Magical Place" by various visitors (even some who have travelled in India) 



STEEL RAILINGS  with double spikes & barbed wire (& the profusion of many Spiritual Guardians) evoke some considerable respect from the local Thai population who originally were frightened of Big Gym City (before it was named) believing it to be haunted but now often come to "tour the sights".



THE ANGEL OF BIRDS TAKES A BATH ( Thai name KOON GIN-LA-LEE )has taken off her wings to bathe (Wow!) & is flanked by an ancient  boulder & a Ton Kawy Tree... A beautiful Spiritual Angel in a beautiful setting who does splendid work too.



THE ANGEL OF LUCK (Thai name KOON SU-LAT-SA-WA-DEE). She barrs entry to all ghosts, demons & evil spirits. (She Is actually THE ARCH ANGEL [the boss]  of all the other angels. She loves song & music (& we love her too .... & tread VERY carefully .... CERTAINLY do not laugh [ unless you want bad luck], because these are VERY old tradions .... ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL LADY) ... the setting is quite spectacular too.



THAI ELEPHANTS are an ancient & powerful omen of good fortune to all protected by their presence, Koon Su-Lat-Wa-Dee  ( THE ARCH ANGEL)resides on top of this fine & noble animal which in turn adorns the Spa Pool which is surrounded by ancient boulders north of the Dragon Pool .... A very peaceful & mystical place ( particularly when the 5 fountains & 2 waterfalls are flowing).



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WHAT ABOUT HUMAN GUARDS?  ( you ask )....OK, you have no doubt heard of the famous movie ( whichJohn Wayne stars in ) named "TRUE GRIT" .... So, KOON GRIT is head of the off duty Thai Poiice  Security Group who have guarded Big Gym City for several years already now (for a very reasonable monthly fee).... Thank You Koon Grit & all the beautifulThai Angels & all the handsome demons that GUARD Big Gym City so well....THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH