Who Works Out @ Big Gym City No.1


(Customers can [if they are not on the FBIs "most wanted list"] volunteer to have their photo & very basic details displayed on this page (site currently viewed by  6-10,000   human hits a month from 250 different intenational cities. [Big Gym City will also email you your good photos if you want]) .... Many Thanks from Steve)  


Lat Pulldowns & Biceps Curls .... CHRIS FROM MANCHESTER ENGLAND (Veteren workout specialist demonstring good form on a HEAVY behind the neck lat pulldown set.) Retired from security work to invest internationally using probably the finest football brain in Thailand & a talented Muay Thai martial artist [also a valued customer & trusted friend)



Obliques Machine .... KOON PAN FROM UDON THANI, THAILAND (demonstrates fine form on the Obliques Machine... but don't let that fool you, she is a very respected Masters Degree Teaching Specialist with the Thai Government [& always has a happy smile & a kind word...Lovely Lady & a valued customer) 


Seated Bench Press .... KOON PRA-NI FROM UDON THANI (shows us how to use the Seated Bench Press.... Koon Pra-Ni is a top executive in the Thai Education Department, and don't be deceived by a few grey hairs because he is still a skilled Muay Thai boxer & capable of some VERY hard kicks.)




Spinning Fylwheel Exercise Bike .... MONA LISA FROM DAVAO, PHILIPPINES (Yes, Mona Lisa is her real name, & sorry guys she is already married .... Mana Lisa is not only a lovely young lady with a happy personality  but also a talented (almost perfect English) computer operator. We are very happy to have her (& Michael) as customers here at Big Gym City.



Incline Bench Press on The Smith Machine .... MICHAEL FROM CHICAGO, USA Lever Rows & Incline Bench Presses serious iron . (An exraordinary & talented character from an elite US pharmaceutical family who has lived his life of 77 years to the maximum across half of the world.... Here we have a fine example of what made the USA a great country.... Well Done & Good Luck Michael.



Seated Bench Press Machine .... KOON PU FROM UDON THANI, THAILAND ( works the pecs & abs.... He is a top automobile technician & has been instructing advanced trainees in Technical College for a staggering 18 years. Super talented & a great personality [a valued customer])



Abdominal Crunch & the Dumbell Fly Machine .... sKOON GO FROM UDON THANI, THAILAND (works the Abs & Pecs... He holds a Bachelors Degree in Instructional English (& his English IS just about perfect), for which reason he is trusted  by the Thai Government to chaperone Thai students to foreign lands (such as Japan) for study, BIG responcibility.



Vertical Fly & Abductor Machines .... BILL FROM NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND (works the outer pecs on the Vertical Fly Machine & the inner thighs on the Abductor Machine.... Bill is a gold star example of a man who has worked hard all his life [36 years as Distribution Manager of the very prestigious  Newcastle Breweries]....& now he "plays" hard [building a real mansion] in Udon Thani .... & manages to workout too.... How does he do it? )



Decline Bench Press & Alternate Dumbell Curls.... KOON TA FROM UDON THANI (shows us good form.... Koon Ta has been a top Electrical Technician with The Royal Thai Army for the last 10 years & in his spare time enjoys  sports & working out .... He is also a skilled guitarist . A multi talented valued customer.



Lareral Raise Machine .... RALPH FROM RHODE ISLAND, USA (warms up with light dumbells then hits the HEAVY weaight stack on The Lateral Raise Machine.... Ralph's family owns the largest floor covering business in the state [founded by Ralph's  94 year old Grand Dad....Well Done Sir ].... BUT don't let the Sylvester Stallone  looks fool you because when it comes to work, Ralph hits the ground running HARD




The Gravity Walker & Spinning Bike .... ILENE FROM ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND (warms up on the Gravity Walker & Spinning Bike [she has slimmed from 78 to 65 kgs in in 6 months, Super Job] .... Ilene is very polite & always has a kind word to say, BUT this deceptively gentle lady has held down 2 of the toughest jobs in the UK [ Publican for 15 yrears & Prison Officer for 8 years] in the roughest cities of Scotland...Wow!   



Leg Extension Machine & a Heavy Punch Bag .... KOON BAY-LAY FROM UDON THANI, THAILAND loves the heavy punch bag.... Koon Bay-Lay is a very respected 20 year veteran of Thailand's elite  Police Investigations Division [Err, yes that is like the US FBI]... So be careful what you say....In his free time he loves to play football & to practice Muay Thai Boxing.) .... A valued customer.)



The Seated Calf Raise  & The Hack Squat Machines .... SIMON FROM SHERBOURNE ST. JOHN, ENGLAND (First time on The Hack Squat?.... Take it easy, [a tough machine].... Simon pays the bills as a Contracts Manager in some dangerous locations in Africa, BUT his real passion is Stock Car Racing [yes, that's where they purposely CRASH  into each other at fightening speeds!] ....Obviously a BRAVE customer.



Seated Bench Press & Vertical Fly machines .... KOON KAY FROM KOHN KEAN, THAILAND ( works the chest on.... Koon Kay Is [& has been for 4 years already] a Senior Loan & Marketing Consultant for the Krung Thai Bank in Udon Thani.... In his spare time he enjoys a hard game of tennis or a workout at Big Gym City..... A polite & well educated gentleman too.



The Olympic Supine Bench Press & the Vertical Fly Machine .... TOM FROM MANCHESTER , ENGLAND (works out on whenever he can spare the time from his very busy famliy life as a proud father of 3 lovely half Thai daughters (all still in school) .... Tom is a retired Crane Technician & his hobbies are swimming & dancing. Today he brought his oldest daughter Grace (14) to Big Gym City to start her exercise regime ( I will ask Tom if we can take her photo)



Bartbell Curls &  Upright Rows .... ALAN FROM LINCOLN CITY, ENGLAND (warms up with a few light Barbell Curls, then gives  the traps a serious session on the Heavy Smith Machine [Upright Rows].... Alan, at 57  is a retired Freelance Decorating Contractor, BUT now runs his own successful bottled water business in Udon Thani [for the last 3 years] .... A well spoken [& knowledgable] gentleman from the old country.) 



Dumbell Curls & Seated Shoulder Press Macxhine .... GIO FROM BRUSSELS IN BELGIUM (warms up with the dumbells then moves on to a more serious workout on the Shoulder Press Machine.... Gio is an Import Export agent [specializing in art & crafts] with contacts all over Asia.... He has a home in Udon Thani, BUT is actually also a  serious athelete with 10 half marathons under his belt & another planned in Kohn Kaen [Thailand] in January .... Very Good Luck Gio



Barbell Swings .... DALE FROM GREENSBORO, USA (is a real Golf Professional ....He worked the international Pro Circuits for 4 years & has been teaching [golf] for close to 30 years .... Dale very kindly offered us his best wramup & "swing" exercise executed with a medium barbell:- Feet shoulder width apart [don't move them] & pivot at the hips & waist gently but firmly back & forth .... I tried it myself ....  Super stretch & strength exercise combined [for the low back & obliques, the abdominals get a bit of workout too] .... START NICE & EASY (Thanks Dale)