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         "OK, you movie stars & super rich tycoons from the banking world!!!!... You guys (& gals ) must have some fancy swimming poolls & satelite towers etc?.... Surely you can do better than an old sea dog from Manchester,  struggling to make ends meet in distant Thailand...... Come on, show me your style, let's see a couple of  photos  of your mansion in Hollywood or Saint Tropez (love that beach (& the french ladies [now there's style]!)....
        Signed Steve Dolby ......(Say, where is that guy who invented the Dolby Sound System ( he must be my long lost brother!!!! ")


*IS THIS THE MOST EXOTIC SPA (part view ) in ALL Thailand or ALL Asia? .... it is attached to The Dragon Pool)


*IS THIS THE MOST EXOTIC 100 cu m. POOL in all Thailand or ALL Asia? (this is only the eastern half of this 5 fountain, 2 waterfall, multi world class tile art, multi statue, boulder surrounded almost spiritual swimming pool .... & sooooooo peaceful.)







*THE ONLY UNDERWATER ROOM & THE MOST EXOTIC SPA are guarded by "The Aso Soldier Trees"     All photos © Steve Dolby 2008.




*NORTH THAILANDS LARGEST GYM ( part view to north of floor #1)



*THE BIGGEST GYM IN ALL NORTH THAILAND. (part view to north oif floor#2)                All photos © Steve Dolby 2006



*THE ONLY KNOWN SPECIALIST OBLIQUES MACHINE IN EXISTANCE ( OK, Golds Gym, let's see your style....Have you got one of these?... If not I will come & build you one! (& kindly do NOT copy this one it's a copyright design)



* THE BEST SPECIALIST GYM IN ALL THAILAND .... OK, all you super gyms in LA & NY where are your SPECIALIST ARM WRESTLING MACHINES .... Don't be shy, let's see them please!!! ( This one is design copyright Steve Dolby 2006)




                              *OUTYRAGIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL UNDERWATER TILE ART in The Dragon Pool at Big Gym City, Udon Thani, Thailand .... One of many examples  all © Steve Dolby 2009



*THE BEST UNDERWATER MOSAIC PICTURES IN ALL ASIA. .... Clear, simple & dramatic .... all copyright © Steve Dolby 2009




*IS THIS THE MOST ORNATE PRIVATE PROPERTY GATE IN ALL THAILAND? .... We are told so ( it is 7 meters high & has some Respected Thai Gods & DangerousDemons guarding it)....    Design & photo copyright © Steve Dolby 2005



*THE ONLY KNOWN LIVING .... (& Yes they do need watering ... Er, but how can they be stone & need water?) .... STONE TREES IN ALL ASIA Design & photos copyright © Steve Dolby 2006




  *THE BEST PURE ART ARTIFICIAL  LIVING (yes living, they are growing, err how?) TREES IN ALL ASIA.     Design & photos copyright   © Steve Dolby 2006




* THE ONLY ROMAN SATELITE TOWER IN ALL ASIA .... Yes it is 3 stories high & mich admired by visitors .... Hey we love it too .... Design copyright Steve Dolby 2006



  8 I*S THIS THE ONLY ROMAN SATTELITE TOWER IN ALL ASIA? (we think so...but tell us different (with proof please)   Photos & design (&construction) © Steve Dolby 2006